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Rapidly deploy insurance premium payment infrastructure

Simfuni was built using API first principles for partners to engage with either individual modules or the entire module set. It's simple to deploy and integrate across any technology stack.

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Scale customers and revenue

There’s a lot of manual handling for brokers which can be simplified to improve operation efficiency, increase auto renewals and the bottom line. See what difference Simfuni could make for you:


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Transformational modules ready for integration

Supercharge receivables administration

  • Integrated digital invoicing
  • Embedded payment solutions
  • Automated payment reminders and renewal triggers
  • Instalment calculation engine
  • Custom hooks to connect to your workflow software

Modernise the premium payment experience

  • Unified checkout for all payment methods
  • White labelled, embeddable checkout
  • Connect to your funder or gateway
  • Configurable payment method construct
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Empower policyholders to resolve their queries 24/7

  • Omni-channel customer self-service
  • Real-time payment enquiry resolution
  • Scalable compliance and security workflows
  • Encapsulated personal identifiable information
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Master accounts receivable and reporting in seconds

  • Single dashboard for all payments
  • Monitor volume throughput and identify trends
  • Real-time audit trails
  • Custom hooks into external platforms
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Unlock growth with intelligent automated arrears

  • Customisable collections strategy manager
  • Compliance checkpoints
  • Frictionless catch-up payments
  • Flexible hardship toolset
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Optimise retention with seamless digital renewals

  • Digital comms package delivery
  • Track open rates and acceptance
  • Intelligent follow-up and escalation
  • Automated compliance workflows
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What are payments costing your business?

There’s many known and unknown costs that many brokerages are paying. For example, the time brokers spend on chasing payments from customers is time they could be growing their customer base. 


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